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InfiNet Announces Pilot Data Center Operations
Initial Focus On Proof Of Concept and Security Testing

DALLAS, TX (July 11, 2000) – InfiNet Incorporated announced today that they have begun operations of the Outsourced Technology Center, stated Leon McCaskill, President and Founder of InfiNet Incorporated.

“InfiNet has always looked for ways to create value for our customers. The OTC has always been a dream of mine, and we have elected to fund and start development of this exciting concept.” stated Leon McCaskill. “Our plans for proof of concept and pilot operations include a handful of very select accounts across four different industries.”

“Our commitment to building a prototype for pilot operations is consistent with our standard business practice,” stated Tom Johnson, CTO of InfiNet. “By controlled testing of production accounts, we can assure data integrity, system availability and security, while honing the edges into a fully refined, commercially available service. The OTC Concept provides for a complete Class A data center for our small to medium business partners, without the startup and operational expenses which have historically limited a small to medium sized company’s ability to execute something on this scale.”

“The financial component is a very compelling story to our subscribers, as we can offer a fully managed data center for less than any one account can operate their own. The shared infrastructure, coupled with elimination of end user upgrades provides an exceptional return on investment,” stated David Krohn, Controller for InfiNet. He continued: “the value proposition is so compelling I intend to expand the pilot to include all internal InfiNet users, saving our cash reserves while further testing the systems”.

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